Lake Campbell, South Dakota

The Lake Campbell Improvement Association (LCIA) is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to the betterment and preservation of Lake
Campbell.  The LCIA often works in conjunction with state agencies
such as the SD Game Fish & Parks.  Many beneficial projects have
been completed around Lake Campbell such as shoreline restoration
and preservation, improvements to the North Shore boat landing
including the installation of a concrete boat ramp, boat dock,
handicap fishing dock, and unisex restroom.  Past projects of note
include the reconstruction of the LC dam and silt dredging from the
lake.  Funding for projects is dependent on membership dues.  The
LCIA is dedicated to addressing its member’s lake concerns and is a
consistent supporter of related organizations.

Your membership is important to the success of LCIA.  Please send your annual dues of $20.00 per family to:  LCIA, PO Box 664, Brookings,  SD  57006.

Mission statement
The mission of LCIA focuses on the promotion, development and
improvement of Lake Campbell for our generation and generations to

Lake Campbell Improvement Association By-Laws – Amended May 2015
By-Laws 2015